"The World's Smoothest Ride"

   Most of the horses we have now are Singlefooters, although we've owned or trained some of every gaited breed through the years and love the top quality horses in every breed! Occasionally you will find Foxtrotters, Gaited Morgans, Rocky Mtn Horses, Tennessee Walkers and other breeds on our site too, under training or for sale, as we buy and sell ONLY the very smoothest, best quality gaited horses in the world of any breed, thus our motto: "The World's Smoothest Ride".

Click to watch Heather on Comet burning across Antelope Island, Nov 2017!

Click Here to watch a video of our horses elk hunting-20 min full video

(Or click below for the 5 min shorter version, for those interested in horses, not hunting)

Elk Hunting with our Gaited Horses Video Clip



As they are less commonly known than other breeds, below are listed some important things to know about our Singlefooting Horses.

(Disclaimer: We have seen and ridden MANY Singlefooting horses that DO NOT have the qualities listed below, but they are accurate descriptions of the ones we breed and raise. I have come to believe that within every gaited breed there are about 5% of the animals that are really wonderful in every way and 95% that are not such a joy, for one reason or another.)

* A Singelfooter is created by crossing a Standardbred with another gaited breed, such as MFT, TWH, SSH, KMH, RMH, Gaited Morgan etc.

* Singlefooters are gentle, calm, intelligent, easy to train and at least as good as all the other breeds in these ways...often better, as their Standardbred side of the pedigree has been bred for generations to pull buggies where spooking is purely "taboo" and bred out of them.

* Singlefooters have all the same smooth gaits as the other breeds like Foxtrotters, Pasos & Tennessee Walkers but also do a faster Rack and a much faster Single-Foot gait, as they inherit the speed gaits from the Standardbred and mix that with the, easy to get, smooth gaits of the other parent. (Both parents have to be top quality within their breed to produce top quality offspring! You can't cross a poor TWH to a quality SB and expect a miracle SF or vice versa. BOTH parents must be smoothly gaited and have the other qualities you want in your foal!)

* Singlefooters are more sure footed than any of the other gaited breeds, and can gait through brush and rocks where most other horses have to be slowed down to walk.

* Singlefooters almost always have much greater stamina and endurance than the other breeds...although I've seen some exceptional animals in every breed. 

* Singlefooters are generally less spooky than any of the other breeds even though they often have more desire to travel and cover the country.

* The Standardbred side of the Singlefooters can be more difficult to keep in a nice gait, as they have 4 or 5 smooth gaits but also 4 or 5 "rough" gaits, so you have to learn to que them to stay in a smooth gait and skip their bouncy gaits. It is not super difficult usually, but with some horses and riders it can be. So, I like to have buyers come ride my horses and make sure they have a good handle on their gaits before taking them home. If you breed a mediocre gaited parent, your foal is likely to be sub-par to what you are wanting. I only breed perfectly smooth riding horses, regardless if they are on the SB side or the MFT, TWH, RMH etc. side of the equation. AWESOME foals come from TWO perfectly smooth parents! (I stress this because many people are breeding for speed SF's but using parents that are not smooth as glass, and sadly creating fast, but rough to ride horses! Some are using spooky horses, poorly built horses, etc... resulting in poor quality offspring.)

* Once you ride a good quality Singlefooter, it is hard to be satisfied with anything else! The exhilaration of their smooth ride, ranging from a fast walk way up to speeds faster than many other horses can even RUN, is purely thrilling! Add to that the surefootedness, endurance, gentle nature, calm temperament, and how much fun they are, and in my opinion, you have the Ultimate horse!


As many folks visiting this site are not yet familiar with the Single-Footing horses we are raising, here are links to YouTube Videos of some of our Single-Footing horse's sires & grandsires to see our bloodlines & for your viewing enjoyment!


Rowdy Rawhide's Lightning

Rowdy Rawhide's Rocket #1 & Rocket Video #2

Rowdy Rawhide's Rock "THE ROCK"

Undertaker's Full Tilt Boogie

The Virginia Undertaker

HeZa Bad Cat

Pretty Boy Floyd

The Sire of All the ROWDY Line...EZD Falcon Rowdy!



We have been raising Gaited Horses since the early 90s when we first  saw and experienced their wonderful gaits! I recall going home and trying to sleep but just tossing and turning and dreaming of the sweet ride! I woke up the next day, and I started selling my herd of other horses. We became instant addicts to smooth riding gaited horses. We raise only the very most beautiful, intelligent, gentle, athletic and well gaited horses in the world! We have owned & bred almost all of the gaited breeds, and love the top quality of every breed. We currently have Foxtrotters and Single-Footing Horses. The genetics of our stock go back to the same foundation horses as the best Speed Racking Horses, Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Foxtrotters, Spotted Saddle Horses, Rocky Mtn, Montana Traveler, Walkaloosa, Gaited Morgan, American Saddlebred, Standardbred and most of the other gaited horse breeds. Our horses have come from lines where breeders focused on smoothness of gait, gentle personalities, athletic ability etc... rather than show trends which have infiltrated every breed's association in one way or another.  If we have a horse in our breeding program, or for sale, then you can know it is a superb animal, that contributes to our philosophy of only breeding the best quality and only selling horses we'd be excited to keep for ourselves

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing from you...and even more to have you come ride with us! 

Sincerely, The Alma & Heather DeMille Family


640 South State St.  Genola, Utah 84655  - Cell Phone: (435) 632-2820  Home Phone: (801) 616-3410

E-mail: foxtrotterhorseman@hotmail.com

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